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Soma Future Investments Lda - AMI 13579 
Soma Future Investments is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Search international group. Founded in 2015, the company is located in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon. It is a strong overseas real estate development company. In Portugal, it focuses on the high-end Apartment development projects and on the renovations projects of old apartments situated in the historic city. In addition, the company is committed to providing Portuguese real estate investment immigration services and assets management services to high-end customers.
The Soma Future Investments will also develop the financial fund services and the import and export business of building materials so as to make a perfect combination of assets and finance and to develop a sustainable industrial chain.

Enterprises and remodelling of houses

Currently, the company has 3 large apartment development projects in the hearth of Lisbon and in the rich coastal areas along the coast of Cascais and more than 20 renovated projects are refurbished. The total assets of the company are more than 40 million euros. We have an experienced investment consulting team to find the best market investment opportunities for companies and customers through professional asset search, data analysis, risk assessment and rate of return. After the completion of the asset acquisition, the outstanding architectural designer team and the professional engineering management team refurbished the old buildings in the historic urban area of Lisbon to make it suitable for the short rent investment demand. In addition, in Cascais, a liveable coastal town in the rich area of Lisbon, and its surrounding coastal areas, the company has also developed a number of high-end Ocean View Villa apartment block projects to meet the luxurious and extravagant demand of our distinguished investment customers. We plan in the future to further the expand of its investment quota and regional development. The company will be based in Portugal, with representation all over Europe, our business will be expanded to Luxemburg, Italy, Greece and Poland, ass well as other European countries, to meet the growing demand for investment and residential customers, to achieve the concept of global investment.
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Golden Visa Services

The company adheres to the operation principles of integrity, efficiency and of the philosophy that the customer always comes first, to provide you with personalized and properly investment immigration services. From trip planning, house buying, immigration procedures, after-buying house management and maintenance, as well as residence card renovation, we provide you with our experienced teams, one-stop professional services, high-end self-occupancy or high-return quality properties, that free you from all worries about immigration and investments overseas.



Financial Services

In the future, the company will introduce financial fund services and set up a professional real estate acquisition fund in China to increase the liquidity of assets and increase the utilization rate of capital. The long-term assets of real estate with the short-term funds of the market, greatly shorten the company's profit and capital return time, speed up the projects developments, improve the company's capital chain and improve the new business acquisition capacity.



Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Services

The company will take advantage of the use of the cost of construction materials to export on behalf of the processing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) model, greatly reducing the construction cost. On the basis of meeting the demand of construction materials for self -use, we should give full play to the advantages of price and periodicity so as to achieve the export of construction materials from China to Europe.


Corporative Culture

.Mission, Vision, Values



Search internationally, as an international real estate development brand based in Hong Kong, is committed to overseas real estate development and apartment renovation projects of old cultural areas. With professional and a rigorous investment consultant team, experienced architectural design team and strict and efficient engineering management team. SOMA seeks the best overseas investment opportunity both for the company and its distinguished customers, creating international property development projects, and providing an excellent overseas asset management service.


We want to become a pioneer in the development of the European leisure resorts and the transformation of old houses in old cultural areas. It really enables customers to realize the dream of both overseas migration and investment.


Honesty is the foundation principle of SOMA; we give full priority to our clients needs. By having an international disposition e always seeking diversity and innovation.




Soma Future Investments is a professional management team composed of Chinese and Portuguese staff to ensure efficient management, localization of services, and more accurately meet the various needs of our honourable investment customers.

.CEO Office

Shiying Weng


Adriano Bao

Personal Assistant
Jiali Chen

Jiali Chen

Assistant and Translator
.Legal Administrative Department
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Paula Fernandes

Legal Coordinator
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Filipa Lopes


Carolina Barreto

Legal Translation Assistant
.Consultant Department
Wenpeng Zhang

Wenpeng Zhang

tito guilherme

Tito Conceição

Joel da Cuz

Joel da Cruz


João Rafael

.Financial Department
pedro emídio

Pedro Emídio

.Architecture Department
Bruno Barros

Bruno Barros

Director of Architecture
Manuel Oliveira

Manuel Oliveira

mónica bajanca

Mónica Bajanca

João Marques

João Marques

Loriane Freire

Loriane Freire


Nadiya Trofimenko

Tiago Lourenço

Tiago Lourenço

3D Artist

Duarte Pinto

3D Artist
.Engineering Department
Romeu Nunes

Romeu Nunes

Engineer Surpervisor
tiago ribeiro

Tiago Ribeiro

Senior Engineer
David Chaves

David Chaves

Civil Engineer
.Marketing Department
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Bruno Gonçalves